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Thermal efficiency and calculation of water cooling in film cooling towers

Published in «Water: chemistry and ecology» № 4-6 / 2018 , p. 101-105.


Lapteva E.A.
Laptev A.G.

The algorithm of calculation of the efficiency of cooling the liquid in a LM cooling tower with a nozzle in the counter flow of water with air, which takes into account back-mixing of gas and liquid phases. Initially, the calculated thermal efficiency for the air flow, using the heat balance equation for the given operating conditions of the cooling water. Then using the cell model and the number of transfer units is the estimated thermal efficiency for a specific block of sprinklers with desired structural characteristics. To check the adequacy of the method of calculating the results of experimental studies of cooling water on the laboratory layout with tubular mesh packing made of polyethylene. Shown satisfactory agreement of calculation results with experiment. Thus, the presented calculation method allows to take into account back-mixing on the efficiency of water cooling, and to execute the design or modernization of the units of the contact device of the cooling tower using the obtained from the experiment of hydraulic resistance.

Keywords: circulating flows, contact device, cooling tower, cooling water, thermal efficiency

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Lapteva E.A. , Laptev A.G. Thermal efficiency and calculation of water cooling in film cooling towers // Water: chemistry and ecology. — 2018. — № 4-6. — c. 101-105. —

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