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Monitoring of oil hydrocarbons concentrations in the coastal waters of the Crimea

Published in «Water: chemistry and ecology» № 4-6 / 2018 , p. 19-24.


Soloveva O.V.
Tihonova E.A.
Mironov O.A.
Zaharchenko D.A.

Monitoring of the ecological status of Crimean coast has significant environmental importance. The purpose of the work was to determine the concentrations of oil hydrocarbons in the water stratum of the Azov-Black Sea coastal water area of the Crimea, which could be the first stage of the planning and conducting regular research. Also it should provide the information on their content in the investigated region during the spring period. The amount of oil hydrocarbons (OH) in water was determined by IR spectrometry. The analysis of OH content in the waters of the twelve-mile zone of the Crimean coast of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov has shown that in general this water area, in spite of the presence of this pollutant, is characterized as pure according to the determined index. It was marked that there is a decrease in the amount of oil hydrocarbons at most of the stations with increasing deapth. It demonstrates the superficial pathway of OH entering the sea. The excess of maximal permissible concentration (MPC) was recorded in the vicinity of the Kerch Strait. In general a decrease in the concentrations of OH compared to the same period of 1995 was noted. Despite the fact that the current content of this pollutant in the waters of the Crimean coast is far from dangerous for hydrobionts, the monitoring of oil hydrocarbons levels is necessary due to the increasing anthropogenic load on the recreational zones of the Crimea.

Keywords: Black Sea, coast, oil hydrocarbons, seawater, the Sea of Azov

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Soloveva O.V., Tihonova E.A., Mironov O.A., Zaharchenko D.A. Monitoring of oil hydrocarbons concentrations in the coastal waters of the Crimea // Water: chemistry and ecology. — 2018. — № 4-6. — c. 19-24. —