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Use of domestic coal-zeolite filters in potable water treatment systems. Water assay

Published in «Water: chemistry and ecology» № 5 / 2008 , p. 18-22.


Mikhailova L.P.
Salomatin V.A.
Soboleva N.F.

The authors compiled results on potable water assay using bioindicator technique involving human cell culture. Among the samples studied there were water from the central water supply network and tap water treated by a domestic coalzeolite filter. The results on duration for the potable water to meet biological quality standard are given for the time lines of 48, 72 and 144 hours. It was shown that coal-zeolite filters not only treat water from toxic contaminants, but also bring it to the level where it supports the growth of cell culture significantly improving the viability of the cell monolayer (compared with control culture, or the initial tap water). Peculiarity and advantages of using bioindicator approach are discussed.

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Mikhailova L.P., Salomatin V.A., Soboleva N.F. Use of domestic coal-zeolite filters in potable water treatment systems. Water assay // Water: chemistry and ecology. — 2008. — № 5. — c. 18-22. —

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