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Journal «Water: chemistry and ecology» № 7 (61) за July 2013 г.</H3>

Journal «Water: chemistry and ecology»

№ 7 (61) за July 2013 г.

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p. 3-8 /

Filippova K.A.
Aminov P.G.
Udachin V.N.
Kisin A.Yu.
Grebenschikova V.I.
Deryagin V.V.
Petrischev V.P.
Lonschakova G.F.
Udachina L.G.

Water chemical composition in pit lakes of the Southern Urals

The article represents data on research of water resources of geotechnical systems – pit lakes developed on the Southern Urals territory after pyrite mining. It was shown that pit lakes have similar features with natural lakes such as represented thermocline (oxycline in some cases), profile-differentiation of chemical composition, etc. Oxidation of sulfide ore leads to formation of acidic and weak acidic conditions with pH 2.6-4.3. Water anion and cation compositions fundamentally change in pit lakes in comparison with natural lakes.

Keywords: geotechnical system, pit lake, water chemical composition

p. 9-17 /

Schegolkova N.M.
Smagin A.V.
Rybka K.Yu.

Methodological aspects of soil engineering: agrophysical properties

Predictive methodological approaches to physical properties during soil engineering using urban solid wastes were revealed. It was shown that addition of sludge of water treatment facilities increases water-holding capacity of developed soils. Cultivation of herbs and trees on these soils allows saving up to 50% of water standard for the central Russia. Developed methodological approach of estimation of hydrophysical properties may be applied for soil engineering in any climatic zone and it is especially effective in arid regions.

Keywords: sludge of wastewater treatment facilities, sludge of water treatment facilities, soils, water-holding capacity of soil

p. 18-26 /

Velikanov N.L.
Naumov V.A.
Markova L.V.
Smirnova A.A.

Results of natural researches of small water flows on reclaimed soils

Evaluation test of water of aqueous objects which are in various areas of the Kaliningrad region was made. Requirements of standard documents for aqueous objects of drinking water supply and fishery values are considered, recommendations for improvement of water quality are made.

Keywords: water chemical analysis, water evaluation test, watercourse

p. 28-34 /

Dolmatova L.A.
Kotovschikov A.V.

Evaluation of ecological state of lakes in the Novosibirsk region using water chemical composition and phytoplankton pigment characteristics

Water chemical composition and phytoplankton pigment characteristics of 12 lakes of the Prichanovskii and the Sumy-Chebaklinskii lake landscapes of south of the Ob-Irtysh interstream area were studied. Evaluations of water quality, phytoplankton function state and totally lakes were given and water type, trophic state were determinated using composition analysis of ions, organic and biogenic substances.

Keywords: ecological state, ionic composition, lakes, photosynthetic pigments, water quality

p. 35-44 /

Kuznetsov A.E.
Kolotilin D.V.
Hohlachev N.S.
Kalenov S.V.

Aerobic biological waste water treatment under conditions of granule formation of active sludge.I. Granule formation of active sludge during treatment of model effluents

Granule formation of aerobic active sludge during treatment of model effluents was studied. Most quantity of granules forms under conditions with рН 7–8.5, COD 400 - 5000 mg/L, without oxygen limit. It was shown that addition of active sludge to sublethal rate of hydrogen peroxide leads to granule formation and stabilization of new granules.

p. 70-74 /

Kalyuzhnaya O.V.
Lipko I.A.
Ickovich V.B.
Kalyuzhnaya O.V.
Parfenova V.V.

PCR-screening of bacteria isolated from freshwater sponge Lubomirskia baicalensis for detection of genes of secondary metabolites

In microbial communities of freshwater sponges there are producers of bioactive metabolites often. 14 bacterial cultures belonging to Firmicutes, Actinobacteria и Proteobacteria phylums were isolated from freshwater sponge Lubomirskia baicalensis habitant in the Baikal Lake. The bacteria were identified with molecular methods. Analysis of strain genes of secondary metabolites such as polyketide synthases (PKS) and non-ribosomal peptide synthases (NRPS) was carried out with PCR-screening using degenerated primers.

Keywords: freshwater sponges, genes of bioactive metabolite synthesis, Lubomirskia baicalensis, PCR-screening, strains of microorganisms

p. 75-80 /

Nikitenko E.V.
Scherbina G.H.

Ecological-faunistic review of macrozoobenthos of the Chograiskoe Reservoir

For various biotopes of the Chograiskoe Reservoir strain composition of sediment macrozoobenthos, its distribution, occurrence and population were studied. It was revealed that the macrozoobenthos contains 42 strains including 25 and 10 strains of dominant chironomids and oligochaetes respectively. About 62% of strain composition was detected for the first time for inland water bodies of the Kalmykiya

Keywords: Chograiskoe reservoir, distribution, macrozoobenthos, occurrence, population.

p. 81-86 /

Anischenko L.N.
Vorochaj Yu.A.

Ecological-biological characteristic and phytocoenotic role of strains of Potamogeton genus in water bodies of the Bryansk region (Russian South Nonblack Soil Zone)

Data on the most abundant Potamogeton genus such as ecological and geographic characteristic of strains, phytocoenotic activity and productivity parameters were generalized. Dominant and rare strains and their ecotopes, variety of community formed by pondweeds, biomass dynamics of strains in cenosis under various ecological conditions were viewed.

Keywords: phytocoenotic activity, Potamogeton, production, water flora and vegetation

p. 88-92 /

Ergozhin E.E.
Muhitdinova B.A.
Nikitina A.I.
Bajkonurova A.O.
Usolceva G.A.


This article concerns the area of synthesis and application of redox-polymers for removing heavy-metal ions from waste-water. Within concept of "green chemistry" the article discusses various aspects of improvement of oxidation-reduction polymer synthesis methods, which will make positive impact on the environment. Sorption properties of redox-polymers in relation to heavy-metal ions are studied.

Keywords: Green chemistry, heavy metals, redox polymers, waste water treatment

p. 93-98 /

Koreneva T.G.
Gavrina L.Yu.
Latkovskaya E.M.
Propp L.N.

Photometric determination of total mass concentration of nitrate and nitrite nitrogen and mass concentration nitrite nitrogen in water after nitrate reduction in thin silicon tube

The article presents experimental results on revelation of metrological characteristics of determination method for total mass concentration of nitrate and nitrite nitrogen and mass concentration nitrite nitrogen in surface water (sea and fresh) and clarified wastewater after nitrate reduction in thin silicon tube which contained copper wire electrolytically covered by cadmium layer. The method facilitates to highly decrease sample volume (up to 10 times), greatly accelerate and simplify its preparation to measurement, also increase determination sensitivity of nitrates.

Keywords: Cd-column, metrological certification, nitrogen compounds

p. 99-108 /

Afanasenko V.G.
Boev E.V.
Nikolaev E.A.

Peculiarity of separation and design of mist separators of cooling towers

Systems of industrial water supply provide water delivery to production in the amount required and proper quality. Recycled water cooling often takes place in cooling towers with direct contact between liquid and air. One of negative factors of cooling tower operating is drop priming of liquid because drop may contain various chemical compounds. Mist separators are used for increasing of circulated water losses. The article views peculiarities of separation in cooling towers and also basic types of separation head constructions industrially applied are discussed.

Keywords: cooling tower, head, liquid, mist separator, separation

p. 109-112 /

Krasnova T.A.
Belyaeva O.V.

Temperature influence on adsorption of organic nitrogen-containing compounds from water solutions

Aniline and pyridine adsorption from water solutions at temperatures of 10°С and 25°С with active carbon (AG-OB-1) was studied. It was shown that growing temperature leads to increasing adsorption of organic compounds and intensification of their interaction with active carbon surface. Basic thermodynamic characteristics of nitrogen-containing compounds were calculated. Increasing constants of adsorption equilibrium and adsorption Gibbs energy confirm a hypothesis on growth of specific interaction of aniline and pyridine with active carbon surface. Also increasing adsorption entropy during temperature growth gives evidence of destruction of aqua complexe structure of organic compounds then components are adsorbed on active carbon surface.

Keywords: adsorption, aniline, effect of temperature, pyridine

p. 113-118 /

Temirhanov B.A.
Sultygova Z.H.
Salamov A.H.
Archakova R.D.

Research of carbon materials used during rehabilitation of oil polluted water ecosystems

New carbon materials based on natural graphite were studied as sorbents for cleanup of oil spills on water surface. Also basic properties required for oil sorbents such as full sorption capacity for oil and oil products, hydrophobic behavior and floatability were investigated. Regeneration processes of used sorbent were studied. Comparative evaluation of the materials with some sorbents produced in Russia was made.

Keywords: carbon, oil, sorbent, sorption processes

p. 119-123 /

Zavaltseva O.A.
Konovalova L.V.
Svetukhin V.V.

Evaluation of technogenic geochemical anomalies in bottom sediments of the Kuibyshev Reservoir in the Ulyanovsk town

Physical-chemical state of bottom sediments of the Kuibyshev Reservoir in the Ulyanovsk town was evaluated. Parameters characterizing technogenic geochemical anomalies in bottom sediments were calculated.

Keywords: bottom sediment, technogenic geochemical anomalies, water reservoir